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What is a Cannabis Paralegal?

Sometimes considered the "backbone" of the firm or "right-hand" of the attorney, here are some of the traits a cannabis paralegal brings to the table:

1. Keeping up-to-date with all applicable state, county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations.

It’s important for a paralegal to know, or at least be familiar, with the laws and regulations in the field they are working in to appropriately assist the attorney and legal team. Most importantly, keeping up-to-date with the new and changing cannabis laws and regulations is crucial to the cannabis industry especially in a newly regulated state such as Illinois. The law is going to keep changing and growing from here on out.

2. Administrative Support

On top of staying up-to-date with legislation, we provide administrative support such as, but not limited to, phone calls, scheduling, filing, correspondence, etc. Cannabis has A LOT of deadlines it has to meet as well as contacting the right departments to complete a task and to make sure the deadlines are being met, for instance, fingerprints must be taken within 30 days of the cannabis application being submitted. The paralegal will make sure this gets scheduled and completed in a timely manner.

3. Assist both the legal and compliance team with drafting, reviewing, and filing legal and regulatory documents

Not only can we support the legal team, but the compliance team as well.

4. Technical Writing

Paralegals are skilled in legal writing. Legal professionals heavily rely on both verbal and written communications thus being able to provide technical writing support. Under the supervision of an attorney, we learn to develop strong legal writing skills. These skills come in handy when assisting with cannabis license applications along with application exhibits and other legal documents.

Overall, what makes a great cannabis paralegal?

Legal knowledge, skill, detail, and preparation.

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